TL or DS?



I have a laptop already. Just trying to decide which one to get.

Here are my reasons why i like and dont like each software program:

*easy to install. Connection to aldl
*easy to use
*boost sensing option
*good for the novice
What I dont like about TL:
doesn't record as many frames per second as DS does. Doesn't have as much info as DS does but still a good scan tool

What I like about Directscan:
*More frames per second
*More data to look at
*Best scan tool

What i dont like about DS:
*ECM connection has to be altered
*Cost more than TL
*Can't be moved from car to car

I still like both. Should I get both?
I don't think you need both. I think you would probably need 2 laptops to run both programs at the same time anyways. Alot of guys use 2 scantools, but usually the combo is Scanmaster and TL or Scanmaster and DS. I personally used the SM and TL combo for quite some time and was very happy with it. Now that my car is into the 11's, and planning on going faster I am going with Directscan because of the faster data rate. IMO it depends on how fast you plan on going. TL is great for a mid- 12 car, but I don't feel like it gives you enough info on an 11 second run.

EDIT: I just looked at your combo and you definately have the goods to go 11's. I would lean towards the directscan if I was you.

I've seen a Hotair with some kind of scantool hooked up to it. It didn't "fold" like a conventional laptop, looked more like an oversized kid's electronic game. Anybody got a guess as to what it was? Being that I have a Hotair, which (TL or DS, etc.) would be best for my application? What would it set me back for new and used? Thanks.
He was probably using an OTC monitor 2000 or 4000. I have a 4000 and it works great and is very portable between cars and compact in size. My only complaint is that I never could get it to record or show knock retard correctly, but I have seen other people's OTCs that work just fine. The OTCs are great, because they work on most cars as long as you have the correct chip for them. Mine works on GM cars up to '92.

I don't think the DS works on the hot air cars unless they have been converted to the 86-87 ECM.

I went with DS just for the faster update rate.
How much.......

So how much for this OTC 2000/4000 and where can I get one? Thanks for the reply.
OTC's are around $800 new, but you can find them used from time to time. I think occasionally the GSCA offers them to their members for a reduced price. I have also seen them for sale on the various TR websites. There is currently a 4000e for sale on eBay.

The starting bid is $200, which is a good deal IMO. It comes complete with the case, adapters, manuals and it has the Pathfinder II chip which I think is the one that is needed for our cars to show knock retard. That's the same set up that I have. Like I said I could never get it to record knock correctly, but I have seen the exact same setup work very well.
Sounds like it was either an OTC or a SnapOn.

If you want to go laptop, DS won't work with the '84/85 ECM. TurboLink does... FYI.