TM Kit installed


Dry White Toast
May 27, 2001
TM Kit installed, now running

I finally got my car running again this weekend but since I haven't installed my external wastegate I couldn't really take it for a real ride. I did take it for a drive though, carefully watching the boost gauge I took it up to about 9psi. Felt really good, the new turbo sounds pretty mean Too!

I ran into a problem installing the electric fuel pressure guage, I won't be able to install it on the fuel rail. There is no room for it with the relocated throttle body. If I could find some sort of T adapter with two o-ringed fuel fittings and one 1/8" fitting I could probably install it down at the frame.

Next weekend I will install the racegate and hopefully do a little tuning. It's encouraging getting this things running again.

Take a look at the latest pics with my custom MAF pipe. It worked out pretty good, I just ordered some 3" mandrel bent aluminized pipe from JCWhitney and coupling hoses/clamps from Ramchargers. I made a custom bracket to support the MAF sensor which bolts to the exhaust manifold at the same place the dipstick does.

or if you don't want to wait to see all the pics check out this one.

How much was the fan setup from ram chargers? Everything looks good, let us know how it runs when everything is set up right.
The turbo is a PT54. Very tight fit, it presently rubs agains the heat shield on the hood (which is a littl loose and needs to be fixed) and is virtually resting on the intake manifold. I think I will be able to tweek the hoods heat shield enough to get rid of the rubbing problem. Definately no room for a stock style wastegate. Next weekend the turbonetics racegate goes on then the hotwire and walbro 340, then its tuning time (hopefully).

Ramchargers fans:

The electric fans were $140 with the generic wiring harness and switch. Thier harness is real nice and includes a switch, two relays and a fuse. It is not setup to be computer controlled, the relays are triggered by 12 volts whereas the computer applies a ground to turn on the fans. I installed an extra relay to convert the ground to 12v to supply the ramchargers relay the 12v trigger to turn on the fans. Between my relay and the ramchargers relays I installed a mini switch to manually switch between low and high fan speeds. I mounted this switch in my guage console (between the oil and engine temp guages). Flip the switch up for high speed down for low speed, the fans come on at JL programmed 165 degs. Pretty cool.

I believe ramchagers makes a harness for our buicks but you loose the two speed capability. Also, the fans will not fit properly with the stock 84/85 radiator, they berely fit between the 86/87 tanks.

Sweet. I love the silver. My 85 is identical just with draglites. It is the silver one on the GSCA web page.
Great job on the pipe engineering. How about some part numbers for those of us marveling at you abilities? Can't wait to see time slips.
MAF pipe parts

I don't know how well this MAF pipe setup would work with a stock hotair or a TM kit with a TA series turbo. The following is where you can find the parts:

1)45 deg 3" pipe
1) 90 deg 3" pipe
2) 3" hose kits
5) 3" hose clamps
Couldn't get the link to work for the hose clamps, look at the Ramchargers site and you'll find them.

Note: The 3" hose clamps will not fit over the 3" MAF hoses that are streched over the LT1 MAF Sensor. I went to the hardware store and bought some all stainless hose clamps that would fit. Look closesly at the picture on photopoint and you will see.

I was looking through the last JCwhitney catalog and noticed they are now selling stainless mandrel bent 3" pipe but, they are about 3 times the price of the aluminized.


That's one beautiful installation. What do you think the final cost for the entire mod is?
That what it looks like.

Nice work. My car is the same color also. It's nice to see one whole instead of pieces like mine. It's good to see and with the Turbo motion kit to boot. Now if I can just get back to work on mine.