toluene and 02 sensors

S351 R

Nov 3, 2002
Looking into cost effective unleaded race gas solutions and Toluene is getting a thumbs up from a lot of late model applications. My main concern (and why I wont just go with 110 leaded) is O2 sensor degredation.

While many others have said it wont effect them, can anybody with FAST experience give $.02 on whether a mix to about 104 octane would negatively impact the sensors over a period of use?

Here's a link to a couple articles
As long as your tuneup is good and you aren't running it too rich or burning oil, you should be good. The longest I know of someone running one of our sensors is 6 years, and that car was on a strict diet of 116 or 118. Have yet to see a lead-fouled sensor come back to us.