Took the ol man's GN to the track today

From the factory the 86 and 87 T's were coming in at 3400lbs without a driver curb weight-wise on a full tank of gas, factory a/c and factory wheels. The GN's were a tad heavier than their T siblings were from the factory.

The title on my 87 T shows 3400lbs for the weight on it, i'm fairly sure all non GN packaged TR's should show the same. The GN's were at least 3600ish lbs.
Wished i could get access to a scale to actually see what mine weighs though.

Depending on the weight of the wheels & tires on his car they can affect where his car tips the scale at on top of anything else that adds or takes off weight that was done to the car.

Your dad's GN moves really wicked fast, even if it happens to be weighed down more than some.

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H&R bar with lakewood 50/50 & 90/10, everything else suspension wise is stock (ie: control arms front and rear along with springs) Still has the factory front sway bar in it too.