top mph


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though our cars wher equipped with a 0-85 speedometer, does anyone know the top m.p.h. on 84-84 gn's?
Bone stock top speed is governed to 124mph by the stock chip. I've had mine over 150mph but that was with a frontmount, headers, downpipe, ported intake, big turbo, etc.

We had my dad's nearly stock hotair just past 140mph according to turbolink. I don't think it had much more left but it was still barely climbing.
I would like to add that my run was done on a completely deserted freeway and I had Z rated rubber all the way around. My dad's was orignally setup for roadracing and was fine at that speed.
cartest.. a neat lil program, shows a stock hotair's top end to be 143mph.

that matches up with cool's time pretty well

although I wouldnt wanna try it.. im sure my car *could* hit somethin like 150..