Torque Converter Install


May 26, 2001
Hi All,

I finally ran across a deal on a Vig! Got a single disk, 3400 stall, #6 pump fresh from a rebuild at Precision and never reinstalled [this ought to wake the ol' ride up! :eek:]. Any tips or tricks to installing one? I'll be replacing the Transcrafter's Orange Stripe, but do I need to do any other mods like the LU tube, input shaft chk ball, etc?

With the tranny out, I can finally finish installing the PTS pressure regulator assembly [in the car, on my back, getting a fluid bath, I could only make the top valve and spring fit :mad:]. It should go much smoother on the bench.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

C'mon guys! I've got this thing hanging by a bolt! It'll be out when my son gets home from work, and hopefully back in by tomorrow, so SPEAK UP my friends!
Thanks, somebody moved it for me! Was in a hurry as usual. Any responses now will prolly be too late... :( Tranny goes in tomorrow morning, so tell me the bad news and maybe I'll pull it.

Oh, at least tell me what a #6 pump means! That's what is in this converter.