Torque Converter: Multi disc or single disc?


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Can someone explain to me why I would use a multi disc versus a single disc? Is there a difference in how they lockup the TC in overdrive? Which is better for a street driven car with a 2004R?

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IMHO, it depends on the intended usage. If you never go to the track or you don't ever want to "lock" the converter at the track.... and your car is really mild.... (mid 12's or slower).... the single disk is fine. If you want to lock the converter at wide open throttle alot, then you will want the multidisk converter. It will hold up to repeated WOT lock-ups.

Now if you have a low 10 or 9 sec car..... the rules change... you probably want a non-lock up converter..... it probably isn't much of a daily driver car at that point anyway... so it doesn't matter.