Torque Converter noise


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May 27, 2001
Monday night i started up the car and was greeted with a LOUD hammering noise from under the car. Being as I had just came from the track Sunday, I figured the worst. after removing the pan and spinning the engine over by hand with a wrench, I am sure the noise is coming from the TC. It goes CLANK inside every once in a while. What is this noise?
You probably have a couple loose torque conveter bolts.

If you do, remove them, put some red loctite on them, then retorque.
That's what it was!

Wow, what a relief! I thought for sure I was going to have to pull the engine! I just wish I had checked those bolts (which were barely hand tight) before pulling the pan and dumping 30 bucks worth of mobil 1. Oh well, at least I'm getting real familiar with this engine! Thanks for the help!