torque convertor ID



i have 2 different 200r4 lockup torque convertors. i have a SS monte. one i bought from a company called Dayco. i was told it was vette torque convertor. it has 5's stamped on it, but it doesn't have any letters. it stalls up to about 2200 rpm's. the other one was in a 86 SS that i bought at a junkyard. i bought the trans with the torque convertor in it. i've had it in my car about 6 months. it has D5 stamped on the torque convertor. but only stalls up to about 1800 rpm's. does anybody know exactly what i have? i'm saving up to send my 88 200r4 to Bruce to get rebuilt and upgraded to the BRF transmissions, or as close as you can. i read this message board all the time. there's alot of info that helps me since it is a G-body.thanks
A D5 is normally an '86/'87 TR converter. I say normally because you can never trust these stampings on converters this old. If it's been through a rebuild process in the past, it's likely that it does not contain the proper stator or correct pump fin angles.

If your getting your transmission redone, the builder would prefer, for the sake of your transmission, (and your warranty :p), that you get the converter freshened up or replaced with a known good unit.