Total newbie...where to begin???!!!???!!!


The scaffolding man!
Hey guys, I have been lurking on the site for quite a while just reading what you have to say. I recently purchased an 86 very nice shape with some mods done to it. Now that is where my questions begin. It has a front mount, but how do I tell who it was made by? also Im pretty sure it must have an aftermarket fuel pump...but how can I tell who that is made by. I wont keep going on and on about this. But I need some help Id'ing a few parts. Like how do I tell if the pump has been hotwired?

All of that aside, and assuming I have done the spring cleaning (just did that today) whats next? Scanmaster? or turbo link?

Thanks for your understanding,

86 GN
gnttype has a photo guide of intercoolers, see if you recognize yours.

only thing I can think of for the pump is to drop the tank and look, and that's a PITA. The hotwire is simple enough though. If it's hotwired, there will be a relay that uses the factory wiring to switch on the extra wires that will be snaked up to the front of the car.

scanmaster, turbolink, or directscan should be the first mod. possibly both the scanmaster for real-time and one of the others for fine tuning.