Tracks Saturaday Oct. 13th


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Everyone want to meet up that day? Anyone that will be going to the shoot out on November should be getting their cars ready. And Les any info on the shoot out?
Paul said he will give out flyers at the gate with the rules for each class, when???? I hope soon. If I don't "flake out" again, i'll be racing on friday 9/28.
I may actually be there. I MAY even have the motor back in the car and running. I don't know if I'll run it yet that soon. The motor should actually be back together sometime this weekend I think (waiting for new head studs to come in since my stupidity ruined one of the ones I had). But I think I'll be there at least in the stands. :D
What??? Les a flakey kind of guy???? No way!!!! :D YOu better be there, you need to represent us. I'm sure Dean will be there too. Those 10's are right around the corner Dean.
Friday will be not good for me I got to work the next day, so I guess next week Oct.20.