I have a set I'll trade. You can e-mail me if you like. They were working just fine when I put in my 65's early this year.

turbo john what brand are your injectors and how old are they allso is your chip a maffles .if not we could trade just the injectors my 83s have 3000 miles on them . i just think there to big for street use
87 turbot
I have a set of 55s in my car now, runs great, but could use your 83s, I will be willing to send my 55s and $100.00 for your 83s, if you still have them.


thunper i want to trade the 83s with the chip and allso the mer 16 pos posibly with the ecm beacause its modified for 83. would like to trade some one complete set ups injectors chip and ecm would consider mer for 55s and stot ecm lt1 maff sensor and translater. my chip is maffles dosent use maf sensor or oxygen sensor and the ecm is modified w race programs for 83lbs i just want to tune down my car currently runs 10s w this set up
I have a set of brand new mototron 60 lb injectors, I will send my stock ecm with the injectors if you want to swap out. Let me know, you can call me @ (910)273-7949.

Thanks, Ben