Trans Brake?


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Can anyone explain to me what a Trans Brake is and how it works. Also is it easy to install? Can it be installed with the trans in the car?


Generally speaking, a Trans-Brake is a means of putting the transmission in Forward & Reverse simultaneously. This firmly holds the input shaft stationary, allowing for maximum stall speed and torque multiplication to be extracted from the converter.

It also has the rear suspension relaxed so that it can be shocked, hitting the tires hard like a stick car.

As for the 200-4R brakes out there, there are a few different types, each having their own installation requirements.
Would you recommend putting a Trans brake in a 1971 cutlass with a 455 and 200R4? Sounds like it could be alot of extra stress and strain on the input shaft and rear. Since I'm running a big block my torque curve is different to a turbo car. It comes in alot lower.

Also I had the rear rebuilt with 4:11 gears and have a cover that puts extra pressure on the bearing caps. But the posi unit is still stock GM. Would it be recommended to build the rear a little more with a trans brake?
Brian, You should make really sure that your rear end is up to the task. Trans. brakes can be quite demanding on them when the brake is released. Brian
Thanks Brian, Good name.....LOL

This will be the first season I will have ever taken a car down the track. I've spent the last two years getting the drive line together. I'm sure I will have alot of tweaking to do this season. I'm going to see how I do and then decide where I can get the most bang for buck. The trans brake sounds like a good idea. It also sounds like my suspension will be up to the task but I don't think my stock posi unit will hold up.

I'll keep it in mind and see how it goes.

Happy racing. Maybe I'll see ya at raceway park.