Trans Torque in Englishtown

Yes, avoid like the plague!

I had Freddie Krawiec at TransTorque do my '86 GN trans in 1990 (rebuild/Transgo shift kit). He was local and had a really good rep with racing 'glides and TH400's. Big mistake, he knew absolutely nothing about the 200R4 back then and I doubt he knows about them now. I should have taken my car to Pat Barrett (Level 10) and been done with it.

If you're looking for a good trans shop in Central Jersey, I suggest Eric at Dynotech.
I know of a 700r4 for sale that they built. Not the person you mentioned. Not prominsing so far.

Definitely try Eric at Dynotech, he did my trans and it works great used one season and worked perfect. Just wish he'd reccomended the transbrake during the rebuild. LOL:confused: