Transmission cooler


May 30, 2001
When i bought my car it came with a transmission cooler. It wasn't installed and i want to install it. What size hose do i need to do this? Any other helpful info for the installation is appreciated.

I'm using a Long stacked plate design cooler, with Aeroquip stainless braided -6an line.

it will be plumbed into the lower radiator trans line. I am using two straight AN fittings for the cooler side, which goto -6AN to 1/2" npt male pipe thread. Then on the other side, I have a 180* -6AN fitting, to a -6an to -5 (i think) pipe thread (it basically lets me attach the AN fittings right to the exisitng unions on the stock lines...

I used braided stainless because it will last.
Cooler install

Use the same size as the lines, mine are 5/16". I recommend using steel lines if at all possible, requires a double flaring tool like used on brake lines. If you do use rubber lines be sure to ask the parts guy for a hose rated for high temp and pressure--usually it has an outer cover that looks like cloth. If you race, check the rules as some organizations limit the amount and type of rubber tubing allowed.

The AN fittings and stainless covered flexible lines are great but very expensive. You can buy the flaring tool, a tube bender and all-new steel the lines for what the fittings cost. Some guy posted last week that he had $1000 in his line set! While you are at it at least leave a place for a temperature guage install--I forgot this and now have to go back to do it. Search the site--there is a lot of info on how to do the lines and temp. guage install already on the board.