trunk tension adjustment

Drew L

Gerry Attrick
May 24, 2001
How does one go about moving those bars in the trunk safely to have the truck pop open with more tension? drew
I used a big screwdriver to pry the rod out of the slot and move it up one slot. Make sure you hold the trunk open so it won't fall.
It looks as though the tab holding the rod closest to the front of the car will not allow you to move the bent end out far enough? There is a lot of tension there so if it is done improperly I don't want to get into a jam. I also don't want to scar it all up. Drew
I have done this a couple of times, so I can tell you that it can be done. Unfortunately, I don't recall what I used that was the easiest. I just remember that the longer your handle, the more leverage and the easier it is. With the proper leverage, it is not too hard to move.