TTA Brakes

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May 25, 2001
I remember reading a LONG time ago somewhere about the 1LE brakes on a TTA not grabbing properly like on the V8 cars and this was caused by the proportioning valve. I remember reading to replace the valve with a 1LE one from a 1990 or newer 1LE car. I was wondering if anyone knows about this or has any information on it, as to why, etc. thanx!
I don't seem to have any problems with mine, have been able to nearly lock up the rear brakes at around 120 and pitch the car sideways (semi changed lanes) and still was able to control the car with almost no weight on the rear end. The back tires never completely locked and when I let up a little the car straightened right back out.
personally I love these brakes.
uh-oh Tom, u weren't having problems with the brakes before u pulled 861 off the road were u???
MIne works a lot better than my old WS6 Trans am with the 4 wheel disc brakes that were non 1LE optioned. I can tell a huge difference.