TTA IC shroud question


Sep 6, 2003
My car is missing the shroud, even though the original still has it I don't think he's ever going to get it to me. I have heard a few people say they made a GN shroud work on there tta's? How much is the shroud missing affect the performance of my car/ what are my options? I am not looking to spend 600 bucks for a peice of plastic, so I'm I'll fab something if I have too.

thanks for the help guys!
You definitely need to have a shroud on the IC. The shroud is
what scoops up the cool outside air and directs through the IC.
My shroud was in bad shape when I got my car so I tired to patch
it up the best I could. I'm not sure what to tell you since you don't
even have one to start with. Maybe someone will chime in that has made a GN shroud work on a TTA. You might want to advertise in the Parts Wanted section of this board for one. Even
a ratty one would be something to build from. Good luck.

A friend just bought a mease strech intercooler for his TTA, I think it is a 17 row, it came with a shroud. He got it for $450 shipped, but he had to send Keith his stock IC shroud off his spare TTA IC. Might be worth a shot to call him, might be using the stocker as a template to fabricate stock repro. Who knows.
There are stories in the archives about some guys who fabricated a GN one from garbage can lids (or something like that!)
I think the Mease option is a good one....

Shop hours of operation: 9:30am-5:30pm Eastern Time - Shop phone: 609.518.8917

Send a private message here: Mease Performance

If anybody can help, he can. I'm watching this issue myself, so please post your findings :) My Intercooler scoop is 3.5 inches above the ground on the lower side....Going to do something soon :)
I ve got two of them ........I ll have too look for em.....but I have front mounts on both my tta's....

Whats the scoop worth....? Or I could probably make one in a month or two.....
Look at it this way, Car Motorsports was talking about making one and the price was in the area of $400-500 I believe. I think one sold on Ebay last week for something in that area.
I'm gonna try to get ahold of mease and see what I can do there. If its to much I'll just wait will after the first of the year and get a strech or front mount.