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Hey guys (and gals?),

I recently purchased TTA #1322. I was wanting to rejoin the TTA mailing list that I had previously been lurking on but could not find the info on joining. I think it was on Russ Salerno's site. This brings up two questions.

#1. What happened to Russ' site? As best I know it was the premier site for infomation on our cars. I don't even know if there is anywhere else on the Net with information on joining the mailing list.

#2. Obviously, I need someone to provide some instructions on rejoining the list.

Thanks in advance. I'd say buckle down for a barrage of newbie questions but #1322 is going straight up on jackstands as a collectible so I should be able to spare everyone most of the grief. ;)
Originally posted by ALBERTAN

Thanks in advance. I'd say buckle down for a barrage of newbie questions but #1322 is going straight up on jackstands as a collectible so I should be able to spare everyone most of the grief. ;)

Excellent. Make sure you start it once in awhile. In 10 years when your bored with it Ill probably be looking for another one to thrash on and race. Thanks for keeping it safe for me :D ;) ;)

Russ's site has moved to and the link to the mailing list is on there.

Welcome to the Club :)
I have a three year old son who will be getting this car when he is old enough to appreciate it (ie. when I die). So the chances of it ever being for sale again in our lifetime is somewhere between slim and none. :eek: And I certainly wouldn't sell it to anyone that gave any indication of thrashing it. :p :p :p

Thanks for the info on the mailing list and Russ'/your site. Good work keeping it up.
Never say NEVER:D

MyTTA is a daily driver 50miles to work and home.
Never could understand people who treated their cars like art. She's too much fun to drive. Hell if I owned an original AC Cobra I'd drive it. And I live in sunny (85ish today)SoCal.
Not knocking you for liking art just when you start her every once in a while do it while she's on the ground and let her fly. A birds got to be able to stretch her wings!!! Fly to be free!(Damn CA.cheese)
Amen!? Wait a sec I'm one of those non believin heathen types.
That explains it. Maybe it's the water,no gotta be the drugs.
"Smoke em whenever you can":cool:
Hi Dean!

Welcome and congratulation to that purchase!
Say, was that Steves car in Pompano Beach?

See you later here or on the list!
I guess if its steve's car..then there should be no questions to ask.With that low of a mileage car..I can understand why you want to keep it as is.

Shame you cant enjoy driving it.Its what really makes the car fun.

Someone will someday.Hopefully they can find parts to repair it when it breaks.And you never know if the country goes to electric vehicles...then it would be worthless.

Only time will tell.Old saying is...if you dont modded..some else will eventually.

Great to hear of your purchase and willingness to take interest into it.

good luck with the car.... I might want a new hardtop some day to...I would NEVER RACE it....might piece it out BUT never want to take a chance of hurting it:p
So Cal TTA#110 - I understand your point completely. That's why my turbo GM collection will eventually include an ultra-low mileage Syclone, Typhoon, TTA and GNX as well as the Typhoon I am currently building to run in the 10's and a Stage II turbo Buick of some sort. You'll probably roll your eyes but keep in mind I am already half way there and I only started around this time last year. ;) Anyways, yes they should be enjoyed. But some people derive enjoyment from walking out to the garage and looking at the odometer of their toys. I do at least. :D

The Swede - Yes it is Steve's car. And he is really excited to see that it will be owned by someone that will care for it as he has. Nothing is more disheartening then seeing someone get sideways pulling out of your driveway in the car you just spent years babying.

Razor - Perhaps if the country went to electric vehicles it would be worthless. I would suspect though that gas cars would remain as collectible autos and could always be driven. Believe it or not I don't think many, if any, collectors buy cars as investments. There are some that turn out to appreciate significantly. But I don't have a crystal ball to look 30 years into the future so I just buy what I like. Will they appreciate? Maybe. Will they hold their value? Almost certainly. Will they be worth less in 30 years? Seems unlikely.

Grumpy - :p

I look forward to being part of the community. Thanks for the welcome guys.:D :cool: :D