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May 24, 2001
would anyone be interested in them if i was to manufacture them let me know if i get enought intrest ill build them


Benson Racing & fabercation
Although I don't need them, how much do you think they'll cost? Are you going to use poly?
If you make them Poly I would be interesed, hell a lot of people need them and I wouldn't mind putting a spare set on my shelf for when mine do break
We have been working on/off this project since early this year. There are many more details to deal with on the TTA's compared to the TR's, which slow things down. The prototype we had at this years Nats was actually the 3rd one we have made so far. There is not as much interest interest in the TTA's compared to the TR's, but that could be due to the shear numbers produced and less years of abuse on the TTA's. We are looking at every detail and want to do it right the first time out.

We DO plan on completing this project very soon & have them available well before the year's end. I was hoping/planning for having them available for the Bristol event, but that is going to be tight. We will also have an introductory price for probably the first month or two. Once I get closer on the final design, I will announce a price and scheduled availability on them. I have not had a lot of time to dedicate to this project this year, but I will be full-on for the next several weeks with it. We do not offer any product until all the bugs are worked out and it is as close to perfect as we can get. I will be signing up for the advertising/sponsorship soon with, so I will be able to post with more freedom. This way I can update everyone more often with our new products. Anyone wishing to reserve a set, just send me an E-mail with your name/address/phone/E-mail/fax. The intro price will probably be a bit more than the TR mounts, but not over $199.

PS- We have a new web address (see below). The website is still not updated, but the photo album link at the top of the site is. Our order form under the purchase section has items that can also can be clicked for a pic & description. This was just updated, so it may not work completely until Mon.

P.S.S.- George @ Benson Racing & Fabrication, if you would like to be a vendor/dealer for us, please let me know. I don't think there is enough interest for 2 people to make these. I think that would be bad for both of us & TTA owners as well. If we split the costs up over 1/2 the volume, the price has to go up to cover costs, and there is not much volume to start with.
Motor mounts

Hey Paul(HnR)
This is Jeremy Centanni I talked to you on Fri about your mounts and how your my only hope :)

Please dont let us down and i wish u good luck and godspeed on your new TTA mounts my car is down till i work something out with my mounts... U have my name and number so please let me know when your going to be ready
thanks for making parts for our cars