TTA parts and car F/S


May 28, 2001
TTA parts with new prices

1.TTA billet valve cover breathers I have 2 30 each
2. TTA monogram model 35.00
4. TTA trans with TAF tag. 450.00 sold
5. TTA 10 sec. short block-3 steel caps,JE pistons with file fit rings,all arp. ***new price 2500**************
6. TTA spare tire and jack. 100.00
7. TTA front sway bar. 70.00
11. TTA 10 MM wires to fit a 3" d/P 50.00
12. TTA hotwire kit. 49.00 NEW
14. TTA oil cooler setup complete sold
15. TTA engine mounts 100.00
16. TTA alum. driveshaft with Spicer joints and yoke sold*
19.TTA- rear seat belts like new 150.00
20. TTA press kit 8x10 photos 50.00
21. TTA brochure 25.00 I have 3 of them
22. TTA emissions labels 20.00 each I have 2
23. TTA stock axles 100.00
I can take PAYPAL if needed..and have pics
24. TTA .020 JE pistons 450.00
25 TTA ATR power 6 mats 50.00
The trans is the correct TAF trans.That stareted to slip in 3rd.I pulled it out and replaced with a built one and kept mine.I sold the car and no longer need it.Thanks,Scott
I need the emissions label. E mail me with how you want to be paid and I'll give you the info for shipping and such!

Do you still have the plug wires? What condition are they and how many miles on them? Thanks, Jason