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May 9, 2002
The original GM serpentine belts for our TTA's are no longer manufactured and no longer available. Correct fitting replacement belts are what we want to find. The origianl was 1605mm long.

Summaries from previous posts:

Razor wrote: My car is TTA #1093, and it doesnt like the longer GN belt....According to GM, our belt is 1603mm....I looked at the GM packaging for the belt I used and it was lists it at 1603mm.
turbotaone wrote: My is car #908, and it takes the autozone 636K6(63.5") belt.

leirch wrote: I was able to get a Dayco 630k6 belt at a local Advance Auto
1badTTA wrote: My car is #332, and takes the longer belt (the 635K6 Kelly Springfield belt from Autozone)....I would have to say it works perfectly, better than stock....Lets see what the later production cars take
mrtransam3 wrote: My Gm Parts buddy did some research....GM#012399983 6PK1605....IS the right length and works great. By the way, I read the # right off the new belt.
Originally posted by transampacecar
....The 63 inch Dayco belt I just installed is Dayco part number 5060630....Bought it at Adanced Automotive....Once I started the car, it seated it self and has good clearance all around.

If you have a source for a belt that really works, please post the information here.

Please Include:

1) Retail outlet (i.e., GM, NAPA, etc.)
2) Belt part number
3) Belt length (specify inches or mm)
Last year I had to replace the belt, so I checked this thread and bought the 636K6 belt from Autozone.

I just had to replace that belt because it stretched out to cause the tensioner to hit the AC after a year and maybe 2000 miles (I'm not sure the milage when I replaced it, but I'm pretty sure it was the last time I changed the oil which was 2000 miles ago and that was at the end of last summer).

So I replaced it with the 63" Dayco 5060630 which I had to order from a local parts store.
Longer belt will work if the AC compressor has been replaced. The OEM compressor clutch has that radius.
I use the Napa belt number 060623. The demensions are 21mm by 1595mm. My experience with this belt is that it is super tight when new. I bought a O'Reillys brand 1595mm and it would not fit. To install this belt you better have a helper.

This will kill your tensioner and put strain on the bearings Alt,WP,tensioner,etc..
How bout listing if the car has original AC compressor or not.

If your a size 12 foot.. putting a size 11 shoe on your foot is not a good fit. Or vice versa size 13.
For clarification..

The original belt is 1605MM(I have an original package)

Listing the length printed on the package will help as well.
I have stock the stock compressor. On my car the 1605 belt was to long. Maybe not for all but the 1595 fit like a glove.

Was the 1605 mm belt a GM piece in a GM wrapper? New or used? What was the clearance between the idler and compressor.

I dont mean to bash.. this belt question has come up many times.. the more info we can all share.. the better it is for everyone.

On my old TTA I had put a GN belt and it worked for a few days until it stretched out a little and the tensioner started hitting the compressor.

The 1595 was the size below it at the time and would really pull up on the tensioner.
GM piece in a gm wrapper. Brand new...I dont know the clearance but I could slide it on without pulling on the tensioner hardly at all.

Still have it :D I got dibs :)

Wondering if your tensioner or something else may be different on your car. The tensioner on my old TTA would rub against the compressor without a belt.. so no way of putting a belt on. Unless the tensioner was raised.
TTA1326 said:
Dayco #5060630 fits my car as well.

Same belt here. Been on for over a year. The tension on the pulley was fine and it doesn't hit. No problems.