TTA torque converter


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May 25, 2001
I have the transmission out of the car and can not get the torque converter off the transmission. I have changed several turbo Buick torque converters in the past and they have always pulled right off the transmission. The tag on my transmission says TA F and the torque converter has the number 5 stamped all around the front edge where the buick torque has the D5 stamped.

I tried to pry the torque converter off and no sucess. any Ideas on how to get the torque converter off the input shaft of the transmission?:(
Torque converter removal

I got it off the transmission. The splines on the stator are all chewed up and were causing the torque converter to bind.

No, I had to pull the front pump out of the transmission. It was not a very hard job. I removed the stator and will pick up a new one tomorrow and reinstall.

What causes a stator to go bad? Anyone?

Now that I have my transmission laying on the garage floor in pieces what should I do to the transmission to firm up the shifts?

Shift Kit? .50 TV valve? Aluminum servo? New front pump?

Advice Please.
I know it's not cost effective, but I think it is time for a rebuild. I personally HATE doing things several times. It is time wasted. It sounds like a possible alignment problem, but I am not a trans guy, and these transmissions are somewhat delicate. Think of all the metal that has been shot through the systen. Sounds like valve body problems waiting to happen, to me. Good luck with your issue....