TTA Valves


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May 25, 2001
Looking at ordering the below Ferrea valves for my TTA.

Buick V6 (11/32) 6000 Series Competition Valves
F6237 Exhaust 1.500 11/32 4.735 .254 29º Tulip Flo-Stage 1&2 Iron Head
F6238 Intake 1.775 11/32 4.735 .271 10º Super Flo-Stage 1&2 Iron Head

I just measured my TTA exhaust valve and the only difference is the tip length. My tip length is .271 (same as the intake valve). The TB exhaust tip length is less at the listed .254. I assume all I have to do is shim the spring more on the exhaust valve, or is there possibly any interference with the TTA rocker if the retainer is a little higher?

I am going to end up with a roller cam and HS roller rockers if I can ever get a cam. I'm probably going to run a flat tappet cam until then, just trying to figure out what I'm dealing with here.
GN exhaust valve on left, TTA exhaust valve on right.
Exhaust Valve GN vs TTA.jpg

I called Ferrea and they said their valves for the GN do not have the relief below the lock, so it will work in a TTA. You can see how far the seal goes up on the TTA exhaust valve with stock cam and rockers.
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