Tune to Knock, EGT, O2?


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May 24, 2001
Considering the cooler burning temps of alky shouldn't we focus on knock? Doesn't it diminish the possibility of burning a hole in a piston to the point of practically disregarding EGTs (street racing without C16)? Aren't 02s from our little narrow band sensors "ballparkish" at best? This subject has probably been beat to death. Slam me if it has. Joel
I'm of the opinion that if you aren't knocking, you are safe. You can use 02 and/or EGT readings to help you tune in order to raise the knock/boost threshold.
You tune for best performance.

Knock, EGT, AFR are just aids in getting there.

Say, you make a real strong pass and see an EGT of 2,100dF. You know the engine won't last long at those temps, and to back down the tune, or if its a sudden change from last pass, something is wrong.

Same with a WB O2, from one pas to another, it reads really lean or rich, Ooops, Houston we have a problem.

With a new set up go to the track, with your WB, and see a 13:1 at WOT, you know you need more fuel.

The NB oem sensor is a switching type. Trying to read more into then that is just being less then smart. Look at how many head gaskets are blown around here. Might be a clue.

I was running a 800mv, reading at WOT, and with a WB found out I was at 12.8-13:1 AFR. Plugs read fine. Fattened the motor up and geeesh, what a difference