turbo 350 or 400 trans brake


steve h

Does anyone know of a transbrake for a 350 or 400 that does not do away with engine braking on decelaration? Thanks Steve
No it does not exist..... however reverse ppattern with engine braking is available.... for both.

The reverse pattern manual valve bodies with compressionj braking are mainly produced for off road. they are NOT cheap.
I would call Steve Culhane in Lake Elsinore Ca. He is a factory backed guy that does the Baja off road stuff for chevy and ford
909-678-1669 I believe. That is who I would call. Now if you need a brake I would use a Hipster. Those I stock.
BUT AGAIN My opinion..... doesnt really mean much......LOL

so was you saying that no tranny brake for turbo 350 offers engine braking?

I been thinking about building a t-350 to try out since I really dont need over drive any more and t-350's are cheap to build

Bruce your site could use updated on other trannies other than 200's :p