Turbo 6 Cap

Sir Nick

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I have a Turbo 6 (Power 6) cap for sale. I'm not sure if it's ever been worn. It seems to be like new. $50 including shipping.
Thanks longball. However, that one looks a bit 'busy'. Mine is strikingly simple and people will ask you questions about it You may find a new friend that way. LOL.
Hello @Sir Nick! :)

Yes, you are right, it is a bit busy, however, I like it better. For something a little less busy there is this for $21 from same place, brandy new, never been worn! ;)
I agree that the design of your hat is strikingly simple, yet elegant!

Glad to see that you have a sense of humor, Sir Nick! :) Good Luck With Sale & Happy Holidays!

Thanks again longball. I tried to do a search before I posted this originally. Where are these being sold? I thought that these might be rare, but apparently not. These Buicks are still popular after all these years. I grew up in a Buick family, but I've only had one myself. One of my former neighbors had a fine GN, but I've since lost contact with him. Otherwise, I'd just give it to him as a Christmas present. How about you? If you'll pay the shipping, I'll send it to you. Thanks for your responses. Merry Christmas!
Hello Saint Nick!

For a new guy you sure drive a hard bargain! ;) I will take you up on your offer if It still stands. If the hat does not help me make any new friends I will at least have a cool story of how I got the hat! lol Let me know what postage is, and don't say $50! ha ha The link to buy the hat is in post #6, just click on 'BUICK GRAND NATIONAL FLEXFIT HAT'.

Happy Holidaze!

Hello @Sir Nick! :)

No, I have nothing to do with that store. I just use the site when I am looking for something with the GN logo on it. I am a 68 year old retired computer programmer. Nowadays I work as a roadie for rock bands in my area. Here is a picture of my highly modified low 10 second 87 Grand National. I have owned it since 1989. Just looking for a new low price GN hat. I had intended to wear it. Maybe get in a few fights when someone says nice Jiffy Lube hat lol

opt_AAA OCT 13 100_2834.jpeg

Hi again longball. It looks like you're in New York. I'm in Arizona. I'm not sure how to private message you to arrange all of this. I can find out the shipping cost if I had your address. Never the less, it will be after Christmas before I can send it. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!

P.S. Nice ride! The closest that I've come to one of these was a '81 Monte Carlo that we had for awhile. It was a nice car. I'm a Porsche guy.