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Jul 20, 2004
Im attempting to find out what turbo will fit my budget and which will fit my build.

I had the Precision GT6765 full ball bearing with S cover but had to sell it for surgery unfortunately. I LOVED that turbo! Being thats discontinued similar types seem to be aroubd the $1500-2000 range. Im on a budget but not 100% sure where, except i know I cant go near the $1500 range.

A board member has a 76mm Turbo for Sale with a
Turbonetics Compressor Housing and a Precision 3 bolt Exhaust Housing with the Q Trim Wheel. Now I also have access to purchase a PTE6665 which I know is a entry level turbo. My goals arent that big so I can go with a entry level or non entry level, it doesnt really matter to me.

Just mainly looking for opinons on if either one of the turbos listed above will have a significant or noticable decrease in power or performance. Alao if there are other turbos that are out there that would fit my needs better I am open.

As for the key parts I have a origional 109 block. I have champion aluminum heads and they are assembled with Isky Gold Stripe 1.550 double springs with dampers and are 295lb closed/580lbs open at 600 lift. They have titanium retainers, 10 degree locks, 1.60 stainless exhaust valves and 1.90 stainless intake valves and they are topped with 1.65 ratio 7/16 stud mounted Scorpion roller rockers. In addition I have Comp Cams 885 Roller lifters. and at the present time im unsure of what my cam grind is so i figured id list what my heads are assembled with. And lastly i have a 9" Art Carr non lock up 3200 stall converter and a fabricated to fit powerstroke diesel intercooler.

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts, I greatly appreciate it!
I have a used Turbonetics CPT-66 that I just took off my car. I'll sell it pretty cheap.

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