turbo boost gauge problems


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Feb 12, 2009
On my '87, I have the digital dash, and the turbo boost gauge does not work. Is it the instrument cluster or something else?
Probably a bad MAP sensor--but in-dash indicator would likely be in error anyhow (typically reading HIGH though, with age/corrosion...).

Pressure-up the MAP sensor & ck output voltage to dash/gauge...
I don't know anything about digital dash's, i'd assume check whatever hose it gets the vac. reading from? Failing that, John at Caspers is THE electronic guru
Apply pressure (boost) to the vacuum line going into the MAP, and test the wire leads on it, the voltage should go up as pressure (boost) does

Eyup--exactly what I mean... MAP sensor should be under-hood, pass. side, with line running to engine for vac/pressure signal (this is the one to pressurize--key on--engine NOT running)...