Turbo Buick performance vs v8 performance?


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Dec 7, 2002
I was talking to one of my friends which is an older gal that is big into cars. She seems pretty knowledgeable, so I told her what I was going to do to my car and she disagreed ( te-45, 55# squirters, 3"THDP, ATR 2.5" exhaust/ultraflows, Reds chips...).

She told me to get SLP exhaust and headers ( i KNOW stock headers are good for up to 9/10 second cars), jet chip, billet high flow throttle body, and slp/gipson turbo?

I told her about the TE-45 and how much it was etc (about 1035 new shipped) and she told me that a "GOOD" turbo was going to be 1300$ at least for any application.

Basically what I am trying to say is... it seems like there is a big difference in what we do to our cars than other people... like DSM turbos cost A LOT, while ours are really cheap and inexpensive...

Just wanted to get that off my chest..
the majority of people out there who do turbo kits and high performance stuff for other cars like LS1's, DSMs, hondas, blah blah blah have to spend ALOT more money then we do and thus everyone thinks our cars require the same $$$ and mods...not true at all...

the big difference between all those cars and our cars is that our cars were made from the factory to be tweaked and modded...not to mention the entire platform we use is designed for a turbo...not to mention we have a very stout aftermarket for our cars thus the prices will be cheaper...

i'm sure someone else will chime in...but those are just the basics...everyone thinks it costs thousands of dollars to go fast...it takes maybe a good 1-2 grand to make our cars capable of low 12's high 11's all day long and not even mess with the motor!
i wasnt aware slp made headers for our cars. jet chips suck, a bigger throttle body isnt required till 10's.
SLP doesnt make turbos.

the woman doesnt know what shes talking about

just an older more mature ricer, that is all.
Doesn't sound like she's that well versed in turbo Buicks, maybe v-8s. It almost sounds like she was describing a 90s Fbody mods.
Sounds like another magazine educated bench racer that knows more than you about anything. First of all SLP don't make a damn thing for our cars, unless you are talking about something chassis related for an '89 TTA. The TE 45 will rock, good for 10's and will be close to maxing the 55's on a not too radical race tune. A prted stock throttle body i sall you need at this point as well along with the stock ex manifolds. And JET chips have no place on your car unless you like crappy driveability and way too much timing, leave this to the TRUE TB experts and enthusiasts. Many good chips out there that work. The 3" TH and ATR combo is great, I see no diff in mine when I uncap it whatsoever, so it flows just fine, and don't sound bad.

When people give me "advise" about my car I just nod and smile, unless it is a Buick guy that I am talking to.
If not, it's probably someone telling me how much faster I would be if I "put a tree fiddy in that thing and get rid of the auto".

:rolleyes: :mad: :p
Uhg, yeah exactly. I just couldn't believe it, especially when she told me a "good turbo" would be at least 1500$. Ack. Then she told me about SLP... yeah, they don't make anything for our cars. Obviously she doesn't know anything about TB's. It just ended up me telling her what I was going to get, but then she said I was all wrong. Ugh. I'll go with my Reds chip, TE45a, 3" THDP, ATR 2 1/2" with ultraflows and we'll see who is wrong =0.