Turbo Buick Video?


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Dec 15, 2002
WOW, I downloaded that turbo mustang video!! What a great job! Maybe this board should make one? Im not real experienced with movie editing but Id love to give it a shot. How would I go about getting the videos that I need to do it? What would be a good editing program to use? Ive got windows movie maker, but its pretty basic. Would love to make this movie, but I would need your help with the videos and suggestions. This would not be MY video but rather the TURBOBUICK.COM video. Anyone up for it?

WMM is pretty good actually- but you MUST update it to version 2. If you cant get your editing done with that or handle basic transitions what software you use is not the issue. There are online tips for its use and free downloads available.

So, I wouldnt pony up for Adobe stuff just yet. While I use 6.5 and like it well enuf I understand its limitations too... in this case start with WMM.

Cool, Im going to start working on it, but I need a lot of videos. Please send me links to any videos of TB's. Racing (in car and outside), burnouts, closeups, drive by videos, stage II cars, whatever. Ive been looking on the internet and have found some good ones. Im thinking of puting the video to "back in black" by AC/DC. What do you think? Unorigional or cool? any other song suggestions?

I take it from the lack of replies that no one realy wants to make a "turbobuick.com video?" That's cool and all, but you guys always talk about how our cars are so bad a$$ (and they are), I thought it would be sweet to make a video of the lil' ol 6 in action for all the car boards to see (esp the ricers) :D Well, when Im done, Ill post it on the board for you guys to see.

I've seen a few compilation videos and have been thinking of taking several clips and running them together, but I've always found that if you instead use one long clip, you can usually get a far better video because you can rush and slow things along to the music. It's actually kind of an odd coincidence, but it seems that Japanese car-oriented videos always have the far-better editing and sometimes special effects and yet not so special cars but then the American-car oriented videos have great footage but crappy editing. There are of course exceptions to every rule, and this is no different, but that's my general observation. If you look for a Supra video called Redline, you can see what good editing looks like. I'd send it to you, but it's a huge file, and I don't know how to send a file that big, but it should give you an idea of what good video editing is for car videos.
Not original! heh. We already have the BIB audio as have others. Do what you want tho.... the problem with internet clips is they are usually heavily compressed for online use and dont make good "sources" to edit with... especially for audio.

When you "double edit" things get kinda nasty sometimes.

Well, Ive decided not to do the video for two reasons:

1) The only TB videos that I have are those off the internet, so the quality wouldnt be that great.

2) No one wants to do this video! I thought that everyone would be excited to make a "turbobuick.com" video. However no one seems to care about it.


GNandGS: Thanks for such a blunt response to my music choice.
Blunt: thats me.

If you took the hint you noticed *we* have a ton of vids... have fun.... I "was" just keeping the crossposts to other boards to a minimum by not posting direct links.


I think it would be great to make vid. Go for it. If you cant find the quality of vids online YOU will need to provide a solution for others to submit them to you... got an FTP server? Want CD's in the mail? What address? Can you read MiniDV tape? To say nobody cares might not be fully accurate and emailing a video is nearly out of the question.