turbo for 11's??


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May 24, 2001
When the time comes when the stock stuff either isn't cutting it anymore or just gives, I plan on buying once and having the car run 11's with there still being room to go for low 11's if needed. I had my whole list ready to go when this day comes. It included the t49 turbo and 50lb injectors, THDP, Walbro FP, as well as the smaller stuff. If I needed to I would have the heads ported but I'd like to leave the engine alone as well as the converter.

I stumbled upon a thread on another board and they were discussing what it takes to get the t49 and t44 into the 11's. The majority of the people said it's as hard as getting the stocker into the low 12's, you really have to push them.

So now what? I thought that turbo would put you comfortably into the 11's? Do I need to go with a bigger turbo, and if so which is the next one that can be used with the stock converter?
I could be wrong but, it is possible with that turbo but you would have to make other changes for example turn up the boost and have more octane to hold the boost, but iam running ta 61 right now and soon installing a vigilante 3200 converter and with that i should be mid 11's with not trying to hard, but it all depends on how your car is mechnically and what other mods you have.
If they can't get the 44/49 in the 11's in race trim then they should sell their car or learn to tune/drive it.. I'm running 12.0/12.1 with a stock turbo and stock IC already.. Stay with the 44/49..;)

Thats pretty crazy on stock turbo and IC, iam dying to hit the track cant wait to see what all this money i put into car does :)
I got my TE-44 into the 11's with a terrible 1.9 60'. Yes it was in race trim, drag radials and 117 octane. The nice number was the 115 MPH trap speed all at ~22-24 lbs of boost.

3525# car, TE-44, THDP, Blue tops, Jay Carter 110 chip, Hotwired Walbro 340. - your basic street GN buildup, nothing new...

Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
If the turbo Regal is working properly, has sufficient octane, a decent chip (locked converter in second gear) and as little as an old stage 2 turbo that is minimally better than a stock turbo it should run in the elevens. Now, that's assuming that rear tires will allow for a rather agressive launch. Back in the early 90's I would let the chip lock the converter. My choice was the Kenne-Bell Hot Flash chip. It had conservative timing, locked the converter early in second gear and pulled well through the lights with very little detonation. Car ran 11.45 with the little stage 2 turbo and the Hot flash chip. Was also using stock injectors but with 65 to 70 psi under 21 lbs of boost. I'm not sure why so many turbo Regals have difficulty running eleven's. The TE 34 turbo was responsible for the 11.17 at 122 mph. That same turbo got the into the 10's but with the help of head porting.
That's very impressive Garycar. Will you come help me tune my car. Aparently I NEED it. ;)
Sorry for hijacking your thread,KEVINS what is your combo to run 12..0x with a stock turbo/intercooler??? I see you have a ME chip(8 or 16 pos),what dp,plenum,injectors,stall,etc are you running??? Id really like to know cause thats flat haulin azz.
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Sorry for hijacking your thread,KEVINS what is your combo to run 12..0x with a stock turbo/intercooler??? I see you have a ME chip(8 or 16 pos),what dp,plenum,injectors,stall,etc are you running??? Id really like to know cause thats flat haulin azz.

See my sig for my web site that gives all the details and testing but my combo is like many others on the BB and others have had better MPH than mine which I'm still trying to figure out.
Stock Turbo
Stock IC (small neck)
Stock TC with rebuilt tranny
Stock Long Block 85K miles (new v-springs)
Stock headers
42.5 inj
62mm TB (although not necessary at this level)
Home made 3" DP (w/ cutout)
RA 108 chip or ME 16pos
XP Fuel pump
22-23psi of boost
I just added a Power Plate last time out but it didn't make any difference with the chip testing I was doing.
I think that's it..:confused:

Somebody pointed out that my car was shifting too early at 48-5000 and it should be around 5300-5500 so I am going to fix this next time out and hopefully make some progress.

I would love for one of you guys to tune or race my car, cause I have nearly the same exact combo as everyone in here, and my car feels nowhere near an 11-sec. car. What else is everyone holding back? Suspension mods, slicks? How much boost did you launch with? I see one person's sig says 15psi launch!
I don't know what Blackbeauty has for modifications. There are so many items that can hold back the performance of the turbo Regal and only you can identify and address them. High octane is critical to these cars and I'm not referring to 93 octane. I have never used alcohol injection so I will not go there. Agressive timing can hurt the car's performance especially at higher boost levels and in hot climates. In my opinion, stock motors generally do better with a locked lockup converter rather than a 9" nonlockup. Lock the converter during the early part of second gear and leave it locked throughout the run. Will it hurt the converter, probably at some point but I can honestly state that I had recorded over 500 runs with the green converter (I believe it came out of an 84 turbo Regal) without its failure. Will a lockup converter launch well? With head work, stock cam and intake its best 60' was a 1.39 (10.7 run @125 MPH, 15# launch) My high 10 second runs were made with the converter locked. Too much boost with insufficient intercooling is self defeating. Turbo Regals love load, not RPM. 5000 + or - is a good shift point. A cool upper motor is essential to a strong run. You need to monitor fuel pressure and to find the correct fuel pressure for your application. You must have a knock detector to alert you to spark retard. We did not have access to a scan tool in the late 80's or early 90's to the best of my knowledge so I relied on the knock detector and it served me well. You will need approximately 113 mph to get into the 11's. Suspension/tires are another story. Good luck!