turbo gasket needed?

Turbo Steve

May 13, 2007
what are most running for the gasket between the turbo flange to exhaust manifold? run with or without like factory?
I use a composite gasket, the old GM turbo riviera gasket, discontinued however. :(

RJC racing and Special Additions over at TBS.com also make composite gaskets for the turbo inlet to header flange.

NAPA has a cheesier turbo riviera replacement version of it also, from Victor I believe.
I just done this recently and got a composite one side and copper the other form ArizonaGN and retorques after 3 heat cycles and not problems at all!
turbo gasket

I just clean up the flange surface with a file to ensure flatness and install with no gasket.
I've used silicone for 18 years. Never a problem. Flatness is the key.