Turbo lou's work!

Josh Beacock

Aug 31, 2012
Here's my rebuilt motor from turbo Lou and man does it run like a bat outta hell slow for him of course but fast for me haha


He installed and furnished a 3 inch RJC DP with bigger turbo, painted my whole engine bay installed and furnished a RJC boost controller. He made everything ALOT cleaner just by painting a little and organizing lines, made me a bracket to save my motor mounts installed my new custom valve covers. He gave me a test pipe to go with my RJC 4" inch exhaust and tuned it for me. He also fixed my speedometer cable and new head unit. He did something dont recall but my tranny shifters harder now too! It runs really smooth and consistent and has more power than I expected lol. He did this all on a budget and have have a lot of expertease and a new friend. He is def the way to go budget or not he knows his stuff and makes it happen fast and right you couldn't ask for more


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Well...Meanchicken got laid off from work on Feb 1 so I'm spending all my time networking via LinkedIn and other resources to peddle my talents....gaining traction....just waiting for the boost to kick in.

So the Chicken coop is sidelined until the revenue stream comes back.
Sorry to hear about you loosing your job. What about starting up your own thing. I did. There are times that I don't make much dough, but what the heck! I can't get laid off or fired.:D

Just think of the possibilities.

This could be you.:rolleyes:
Congrats Josh!

Lou's the greatest!

Chicken, PM me what you do and what your looking to do. You never know, networking can be done from many angles!!!!!!!
Ya...company went into Ch 11 and I volunteered for a lay-off rather than taking another guys job from him. His work would have bored me silly and I would have left anyway, so the Angel in my told me to spare him.

I'm on Linked In (Tim Pidcock) and my profile there paints a very good picture on my back ground and experience. Feel free to send me an invite to connect if you are on LI...but keep it 100% professional there or I'll fire ya.

My expertise is in Supplier Quality Development.

A copy of my resume can be viewed by using this search in Google: "Director Quality in CA Resume"

I actually am gearing up for some independent work. Writing a book on stuff I'm good at and developing a training webinar series to peddle for side income. Truth be told...I'm pretty dang good at what I do.

Oh....and the 68 Camaro is up for sale....:D

What's all this got to do with Papa Lou anyway?