Turbo needed


Feb 26, 2018
Here’s the deal, my good friend and I are in the middle of restoring or rebuilding rather a turbo t for a mutual friend that is currently deployed. He is due back mid sept. My friend and I have literally exhausted spare funds having the motor and trans rebuilt. Having said that we were very happy to be nearing the end of the build with only paint needed! During its test drive the turbo (old t series turbonetics) grenaded. Luckily the motor is fine!!!!! We are in desperate need of a turbo! We want to bring it into this century. Not very picky but with the stall and build we need at least a 60mm... we have had help along the way by a couple vendors and this car is going to be on the local news. It’s exciting to give back to someone so deserving but I’m in fear now. Not necessarily looking for a hand out but possibly a discount or something? This is a good cause too!

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