Turbo oil feed line

Mart u

Not stock anymore!
Nov 11, 2001
Hi all,
Over the time of this rebuild , I have forgoten the location of where to pick up the feed to the turbo. I see a port 1/4 npt just above the oil pump cover. I looked at a 4.1 block sitting on my floor and it has a sensor mounted there. So if this is the port where do I mount a oil presure gauge? This is a 109 block.. I am looking to replace most of the lines I can with earl's an fittings.. other than that waiting for my intake from the powder coaters.
Mart Urbanski
there should be a brass t coming out of the passengerside of the black and the turbo feed line goes to that and so does the oil pressure sensor
re: oil feed line

Got it! I had made my own hard line awhile ago and added tee up from that port. I was thrown when I noticed a sensor at that port in the other block.
Thanks for the help !