Turbo Oil Feed Line


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I'm replacing my original (leaking) oil feed line with a stock, pre-bent replacement and it doesn't look like an easy job.

Any tips?
Thread sealant needed?
Specific procedures how and where to start the job?
Easiest way to do it?
It's pretty straightforward far as I can remember but its been so long since I last did it....The most important tip I can think of at the moment is if you absolutely need to use a sealant on the threads use teflon paste. Never teflon tape.
Flared fittings. No Teflon tape or past will help. Just take your time and don't over tighten into brass fittings. You can wiggle them around to seat them in though.;)
So, I'm guessing that you're figuring that your oil feed line is leaking at the bottom?
Steam clean everything first. It may be the lower end of the turbo drain tube, leaking down to that area.

Mike B.
Nope, leaking at the turbo side. While the photos don't show it very well I'm 99% sure the threads were sealed at the turbo itself and it was leaking from the feed line into the brass 90° fitting.

Definitely looks the fitting is too deep. Stripped it... Fix it and don't use Teflon tape...use non hardening Teflon paste.
That sucks.

Try this: Remove the line and cut the very end at the turbo side off. Buy a brake line with the same size nut and cut it to use the nut. Double flare the end of the oil feed line and reinstall with a new brass 90/paste, use a flare wrench.

Or . . .
Cut the line in the middle and bend the brake line/comnect with compression nut. This makes it easy to replace. Replace the brass 90. All parts and tools avaialble at your local parts store.
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Just fixed that same problem. the brass fitting just needed to be tightened. That brass is soft enough to seal real good. To get your line back into the fitting you may have to buy one with a connection on the top instead of the side. Don't need tape and stuff. Real easy to fix but mine is a super high tech 79 model.
That is too deep. Check the threads on the turbo itself and get a new brass fitting. I've used teflon tape on other oil fittings but am careful to start the wrap at least a couple threads above where the fitting meets the sealing surface. I would have used teflon paste now that I am more educated.
All stainless steel. Hard line on the bottom half. Teflon braided for the top. No paste or tape needed. Braided line swings out of the way for turbo removal.

Happy Friday and happy Spooling. :)
Mike Barnard
You can have it made yourself. I think it cost me 65 bucks to have made, ten years ago.
You can have it made yourself. I think it cost me 65 bucks to have made, ten years ago.
That's the way my repair looks. A friend of mine owns a big truck repair shop and made it from parts he keeps in stock. He only charged me for the braded line. He had other lines that would have worked I could have had but I thought the braided looked cool and I had to pay for it lol.