Turbo rebuild: best place?


Oct 19, 2001
I've got a stock turbo, could I have someone rebuild it to TE-44 or TA-49 specs or would it be better to just buy one of these? Also, if I go this route would I need a core?
Just buy a new or used TA49/TE44. The only thing you will reuse is the center section (both housing are different-they have to be machined and with a PTE44 they aren't even the same castings) and both wheels are different and your center section sounds like it need rebuilding.

Its cheaper to sell your turbo as a core ($50-100) and buy a good used TE44/TA49 ($400-450) than have your Stock turbo converted ($400+)

i'll buy that stocker if you want to sell it. anyone else have some stockers they want to sell? thanks!

John C.
LedSLED Motorsports