Turbo Recomendation


Jun 3, 2001
Thinking about a turbo upgrade. What options are there. Ive got a V1 intake. Ive heard the T33 mentioned and remember someone saying something about John Craig taking a stock turbo and making a 49 out of it. With my combo below what would be a good choice and how much, if any, modification is required. How much performance over a stock turbo does that 33 give?
Believe it or not, with the mods below, the fastest Ive been able to run this car is a 14.5 @ 94 mph. I have found out that my ignition is not firing all the way even, which may have a little to do with it, but with all the porting it always seemed like the car was crying for a bigger turbo. I can run with 32 psi (static) and 18-19 lbs of boost w/little to no KR! Maybe the turbo isnt doing enough? Or maybe the spark just isnt burnin the gas, and that is why I wind up putting the pressure down so low? Either way I know I could use a bigger turbo, Im overdue on lowering the ETs, by about a second or so.
unless there is something mechanically wrong with your turbo.. right now i would spend that money on race gas and get some tuning done..

you are overdue in the ET department by more like 2+ seconds by the way..

if all your parts are in good condition.. i cant imagine why you arent running faster.

maybe the car just doesnt like that cam?

you should really work on getting all the bugs worked out of the stock parts before you start messing with other stuff..

then again.. ive needed a new coil pack, a scan tool, and a few extra gauges myself for awhile now.. but my next $130 is going to an ATR downpipe.. I guess you should do as I say not as I do. :D
Iwould think you could go faster but it seems that tuning is the key. I dont see a down pipe in your mods , if you dont have one get one its the best mod i've done so far. My ta33 would not run right with the stock down pipe , get one before the turbo.

I think the stock turbo puts out 300's cfmi think, the ta33 puts out 700cfm let me know if iam wrong guys. Its a alsome turbo for the sreet and track. I am running 12.80@108.5 with my set up and this is not tuned so i do know that the ta33 will take me alot faster.

Hope this helps a little
Thanks for replying.
I do have a 3" Down Pipe (its in the sig) so the car should be breathing fine. Everything as far as exhaust is 3", and the headers and exhaust elbow are ported too. That is part of the reason I was thinking I could use a bigger turbo, everything from the air induction (intake,etc.) to the exhaust has been ported or made larger size, so that little turbo just isnt moving the air as efficiently(?).
Any other ideas? You guys have any tips for tuning, maybe their is something Im just not doing, but believe me I have been tweeking this thing. It almost doesnt matter what I do as far as air/fuel mixture I still get the same results at the track. The mph is what I am worried about. I thought I would be able to fairly easily get this combo to low 13s and over 100mph.

PS : I havent raced on slicks. I know that would cut the times down, but Im not using that as an option right now, I know that I should be able to go alot lower on street tires and then bring the slicks into play.
Also, crazygn, what were times like before the TA33? What kind of increase did it give?
Iam not sure , when i raced it before the turbo all i had was the 307 fuel pump and reg and air filter . The turbo and injectors were going up on me at the time the best i could get was 15.36 at 90mph. I didn't get much more with the intercooler . But with the new injectors , ta33, valve springs, and 87 ecm and chips wow its 10times faster and has alot more with tuning.

Iam very happy with this turbo. spools faster then the stock one. Thinking of going a little bigger but i dont drive the car much . just weekends and the track.

Good luck.