TurboBuick Convoy 417S from Ottawa this morning?


Former Lurker
Jan 2, 2007
Saw a group of turbo buicks this morning. Sweet rides, and one in the lead on a trailer that looked pretty set up. 5 in total? 4 GNs and a white limited.

Nice rigs guys, I would have tailed you guys to the next stop in the rental Grand Cher. to meet you guys, but I was late for a flight out of Montreal...hence the hurry.

Glad to see some sweet Canadian turbo content on a nice cool fall morning.:cool:
Too bad you were in a hurry. You could have followed us to Napierville to see many TRs & other great cars race.
Thanks for the compliments on the cars, I was the one bringing up the rear of the convoy. It was a great day for a drive.
It sure was a sweet morning! Even the jeep ran better.

But, nice rigs for sure! Next time I'm up that way I'll post up.