Turned some wrenches today


Sep 11, 2003
I had the day off today and decided to go ahead and replace my 18 year old 133,xxx mile stock injectors with Racetronic 50#, replace the original MAF with a 3" Impalla MAF, install a Translater + and an extender chip, replaced the upper intake with a fresh ceramic coated one ( I got on Ebay for $30) and installed a RC power plate. I didn't know what to expect when I was done. I knew I had a reliable running 1986 GN when I started and I was kinda worried what I would have when I got through with all these changes. I started around 9:30 in the morning and I was checking the pre-startup fuel pressure at 2:45 in the afternoon. I had to make a trip to town to buy studs for the new upper intake because it came studless. when I hit the key to test the fuel pressue for leaks gas started squirting everywhere. I found the cause to be a pinched and distorted O ring on the pressure regulator. I took the old one off my stock reg and hit the key again. This time no leaks. I started the car and to my suprise she fired right up and cold idled fine. I played with the Trans+ switches and richened the idle till the BLMS were right on and then I took her for a ride. I just want to thank, Mick from Fullthrottle, The folks at Racetronix, Race Jace, and Bob Bailey. My GN runs so smooth, idles so nice, I can hardly believe it. A testomonial to great fitting well engineered parts. I did the work outside in 38* weather. I am the kind of guy that hates to work on cars too, That is until I got excited about my GN again. OK Saturday she goes in for 3 weeks of paint and dress up. When she comes out its time for the TA-49 and PTE front mount.
Anybody have any tips or hard earned lessons for replacing your turbo or installing you PTE fron mount? What kind of time am I looking at for the installs?
Thanks in advance,
sounds good, man im about to do the same stuff to my dads 150,000 mile 86, i cant wait to feel the difference when we get it done. Glad it worked well for ya
What I did when putting my new stocker turbo on, "snug" everything up and tighten the mounting bracket, then I did the exhaust DP, then the rest. I would also go with the John's performance oil drain, it is $45 and a nice piece. This way I felt the mounts would hold the turbo instead of the drain or feed shifting it out of place. KWIM?

Otherwise, if you feel your blood pressure rising, go inside and play some SOCOM II online and shoot some people, when BP is down, continue with GN