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May 24, 2001
Now I'm looking at tweeters. I've found three I like, the Pioneer TST22 1", Infinity Kappa 102T 1", Audiobahn AT61 .75". If I can remember I think the Audiobahn were the only ones that come with crossovers. But isn't 1" or even .75" really small. Will they make that much of a difference? Does anyone make bigger tweeters, say 2" or 2 1/2"??
Those 1" tweets really do put out enough. I havent seen 2" tweets since the '80s :eek: . At least none for car audio, bigger is not nessecarily better for tweets.
1.5" a/d/s tweets

Not sure if you want to spend the money but if you are interested in a/d/s drivers, the one I have in my '86 GNs door pod measures 1.5". They also sound very "SWEEET".


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Hey, I might be able to help you. I have a set of brand new in the box Lanzar TWS tweeters.

1" Titanium dome
Ferro-fluid cooled
12db x-over
Freq Response 2-25kHz
SPL 96 db
Power handling 200watts

$70 shipped.

Let me know.
1" seams to be the standard that comes with a good set of component speakers. Watch out though some high power tweaters can generate a lot of noise and can become real harsh sounding. In fact they can down right hurt your ears. Dont worry about how big they are just try to find a set that sound good at the db levels you want with out sounding harsh, and make sure you get a good set of cross overs for them.

HTH: Jason
Thanks for the offer on the Tweeters but I think I'll pass. I wanna stick with the brands I have, so I'd go either Pioneer,Autotek, or Vega. Right now I'm just looking, can't spend too much money on my self so close to xmas, gotta spend more on the family. I've already bought an amp, kickpanels, H/u and new multi-amp hook up kit. Gotta pace myself.