Twin turbo stock IRS Viper runs 7.99 @177mph... *Vid*


It's just a V6 Brick.....
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First part of the video is Titan Motorsports 6 sec Pro RWD import car and then Chad's record setting pass... Get it while you can cause the link might go down, but hopefully there will be a better video of the Viper running 7.99 posted soon..
John Wilde said:
What is on the rear hatch, it looks like a blanket???
Maybe it is Super Man Cape!!! :eek:

LOL I think it is just the reflection of the sky... Then again it could be the SM cape cause quite frankly this is the SuperMan of Vipers as it definitely flys! :biggrin:
just found this multimedia section... this video is great!

Gary Javo is actually going after this car and building a competitive twin turbo Viper out of a mint condition low mileage GTS.

My buddy Darius (383 LT1 supercharged 240Z) just bought Gary's old twin turbo '96 GTS. I have yet to get a ride... but it apparantly pulls as hard in 5th as it does in 2nd! :eek: