Twins, what's the deal?


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Aug 20, 2001
Hey twins saw your post on the v3 and I and I'm sure many others have been awaiting your report from the track. So, whats the deal?
You asked for it.

I waited to post for a couple of reasons....sorry for the delay.

Once again I did more than one mod at a time (V3 and SMC) and spent a couple of days sorting everything out. After a late night (3:00 a.m.) wrench fest on my car (Super Kudos to Nocooler and OTHRWMN!!!!!!!!!) it was 30 degrees and cloudy Sunday a.m.

I was the 2nd car down the track in my lane and spun a little leaving at 5 psi exhaust capped on DR's with 15 psi in 1st and 2nd and 17 in 3rd and 4th.

13.8 @ 98 mph 2.1 60' I thought not to bad on pump fuel un-tuned.

Then it snowed....and sleeted and hailed. The track called the day.

Today I went back and it's 60 and sunny (welcome to Michigan) 5 gallons of 110 octane and 5 gallons of 93 with the SMC coming on at about 15 psi running full pump speed it went 13.8 @ 98. Uncapped and on slicks. 2.2 60' 22psi.

The damn car will not build more than 3-4 psi against the brakes staged. It will just sit and moan and leave like a little girl.

So today I leaned it out to 7.9 O2's at WOT and ran 13.8 @ 99 2.2 60'.

At 22 psi it goes 13.8 and at 15 psi it goes 13.8. 5 runs total all at 13.8 at 98.5 to 99.3 all with 2.1 to 2.2 60's. I'm not spinnning there's just no damn boost till about the 330.

After it gets rolling it pulls like hell. Remember I used to get 1.8 60's all day on the same tire and suspension combo.

I'm really sick of trying to figure out why I can't build any boost down low, it comes up slow when driving around town and out on the road. There is a little header tick on the drivers side but not enough to cause no boost, I have the wastegate act. set up tuner style. I have had all of these boost problems since I went to the V1 in June of last year. NO DAMN LOW END BOOST!!!

I'm about ready to switch to driving the GN like a whore and spraying the LT1 again and having that be my fast/track car this summer.

Anyone that can get this car running correctly gets a free Eye Exam and glasses......I simply will not throw any more $ at it till I get it back to at least what it was running before the intake(s).

On a better note the SMC kit allows 20-21 psi on 93 octane. Thats pretty sweet.
get some thin wire.. tie the wastegate closed.. see if you can build boost at the line then... tell me what happens

take all of the alky out of the tank too..

thats horrible.. i can build 1psi or less, if i go WOT the car annihilates the tires.. hmm..
TType I had the hood open and stood on the gas and brakes last night.......the wastegate is not opening. The actuator is the "high pressure" one that PTE thought would solve my boost creep problem. This has gone on for a year, some of you may remember my frustration last August with this same problem when I sent the V1 back for a V3.

It did this with the 84 dual vac. wastegate act also.

I am going to try hooking it back up to the wastegate sol. and pulling the big mouth off this weekend, if that doesn't fix it I'm out of ideas.
We are shooting for the 21st for my first test and tune. The painter hasn't helped in this department, but that is what we are hoping for, so I can get in a couple test and tunes before Norwalk. I can build 15-18 #'s of boost against the brake. Maybe we'll you see you up there then.... Men in black was having similar issues with not being able to build boost, but he found out the bolt was missing in the back of his turbo (it happens I blew the one out of mine as well) trying to get everything modded in for the new v-3 which we altertered the bind a bit to better hook to the turbo inlet. Will let you know if this changes
The more and more I think about it the more I wanna get dirty.....and fix the thing. Theres issues there.......8psi difference and no mph. Call me and we'll arrange sometime to do the compression/leak down and go over everything.
Anyone from Michigan Interested - all Turbo Grand Nationals and T's have been invited to test in tune with the Grand Prix club at Mid Michigan Saturday April 27th. Zoomer is hosting the event and has been kind enough to invite us. Check out under news for times and cost. The Grand Prix club are a nice group and this will give some of us some much needed time to test and tune. Any questions email me.