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I'm contemplating moving the family to Texas and wondered if anybody here is in the ELEC. industry. I currently work for a large power utility and wondered what the job, pay, enviornment,etc. is like?

Is there politics involved in the hiring? Are jobs filled through a union hall? Are the jobs union at all?(IE: hard to get hired into unless you know someone)I'm interested in possibly settling around the Austin area and could use any info you have....


Hey Tradin,
I don't usually cruise the Texas Members area, but I saw your post. My mother worked for TXU (an electric company) for thirty years. I called and asked her, and she thinks that Austin Light and Power is municapaly<sp> owned, so they probably do not have unions. She wasn't sure though. Austin is a great place to live though, and we can always use another turbo car.
thanx for the info, still lookikng into it. Don't mind working non union as long as the security, wages, state pension plan, etc.
The IBEW is around down here.I know there are plenty of Union shops here in Dallas,I am sure there are plenty in Austin as well.Most Union electrical work will probably be out of a local shop,but there are some nationwide shops that are as well.

Last I knew,Journeymen were pretty close to the same pay as our IUEC elevator mechanics,and now they are at $30 an hour so I would imagine journey men are within a dollar or 2 give or take.

But to be completely honest,the open shops are much better than the union ones these days.
Only thing is I'm not a lineman! I'm an underground splicer(PILC/EPR/XLPE cable). Hard to find work except in large cities that rely on many circuits/ networks to maintain an area. Don't know of too many A locals employing splicers. Thanx for the info guys, I do appreciate it.