typhoon fuel pump

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
i have a new typhoon fuel pump i wanted to know how fast i could go on it hotwired it is a ac delco pump you cant shim it either
Its the same pump as the Turbo Trans am uses. Its better then the stock GN pump, but its still not that great.

U could run 11's on it if you pushed it, but if you are upgrading your car for higher boost and E.t.s why not just spend the $100.00 on a walbro and have one less thing to worry about?

don't waste your timeon a delco pump. go and get the walbro 255 and be done with it. It's the standard in the syty world. I have run low 11's in a heavy ty with mine. others have run 10's in a sy with it.

just make sure whatever pump you use. REMOVE THE PULSATOR!