Umbrella Seals?


Jun 11, 2001
I think this may be my last question for a few days:)

I bought a Comp Cams High Energy roller cam kit and it came with 12 umbrella seals. I also have 6 gm umbrella seals. The GMs have the metal wrapped around them and the Comps don't making thim feel flimsy in comparison.
So my first question, Do I use the GM or the Comps that came in the kit? If I use the ones in the kit, do I use all 12? I am pretty sure that only the intake valves have the seals?

6 is right for our cars unless machining the heads/valves.

I'd look up some felpro Vitons so you have a third choice of seal. :D

IF and I repeat IF the seals are identical in size/specs. I liked the GM replacements on one of my cars so I'd use them if you feel comfortable with them.

Used the Felpro vitonson the other.

Never seen a comp. cam.s one however, might want to double check with them.