unversal air-fuel meter

Sal Lubrano

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Apr 26, 2002
I want to add a universal air-fuel meter to my monte which has a basic carburetor setup. The universal meters just come with the gauge. How does that work. I guess they were made to hook up to the cars existing wiring if the car had a o2 sensor. Can I weld a bung in and use the cheapest o2 sensor I can buy and make that work with these universal air fuel meters? Need it to tune this motor.
Hell I don't know. It is in one of my drawers at work.

I can get ya the info Mon. It is brand new.

If it will work for you , it will be cheap..........
That gauge will work with any narrow band (cheap) o2 sensor. Had one on my mustang years ago..before I knew what a wideband was.. :) Not very good for tuning though..at the least it will get you in the area you need to be.
I would recommend the Innovative LM-1 unit. It is a self contained WB unit. Costs about $300 shipped. But way better than using the narrow band. A few guys I know with carb setups use this as well.