Used stock OEM AC condenser and a stock oem radiator used cheap


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Jul 2, 2018
Clean, absolutely no leaks or damage.
59k original miles
This stock unit is much better then the aftermarket unit that I bought because I had to make some mounts so my aftermarket would fit correctly.
I thought this was my problem and replaced mine but it turned out to my compressor leaking from the big o rings.
$50 plus half the shipping cost to lower 48. So let’s say $65. shipped and I’ll throw the rest in.
USPS money order only please. Will be shipped in the same box as mine came in.

My ex Wyotech motorcycle mechanics instructor pressure tested this unit with compressed air submerged in a bucket of water. Absolutely no leaks at all.

Stock Radiator
We also pressure tested my stock radiator yesterday and it has no leaks and works great. Just needs a good bath.

I have a stock radiator from the same car. Even tho it holds pressure I just don’t trust it because of it’s age so I went with a new radiator out of a 89 tta with an external oil cooler. This functions fine but it’s a little dirty. Comes with the oem cap. Ok with this I’m only asking for $20 but shipping might be quite expensive on this because of its size. I can clean it up and package it in the box my new radiator came in and ship it to you. Or if you’re local just come to Daytona with $20 bucks and maybe we can meet and grab lunch. I would like to see at least $20 from this radiator. But if you are desperate in need of one and are broke like I always am then lmk and I’ll give it to you. Just cover the shipping. Even tho I don’t guarantee this radiator will last long (like I definitely guarantee the condenser will last you a long time) the radiator can be fixed to be good as new. The oil, transmission fluid, and coolant NEVER cross contaminated with each other. So it’s structured sound. Just needs a good cleaning from a radiator repair shop and u got yourself a nice original bone stock 87 WE4 radiator which are impossible to find. I was gunna keep the oem cap for myself but it’s the free gift lol to whoever buys the radiator.

If anyone is interested in both the condenser and radiator I’ll give you a nice deal on both.

And like I said I have boxes and padding for both of these ready to go.

got my word that if you send me a money order that I will not entertain any other offers on this.

Thank you for reading and everyone please be safe out there.
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$50 cash ASAP and they both yours Matt. Im available all weekend. But think about it and lmk if you’re definitely in. Call me today after 10am. For an extra $15 bucks I can deliver them to palm coast. But I need at least $50 for the pair. I have a bill coming up very soon.
ok I'm about to leave for work if you got wheels you know where to meet me
I got 61 dollars you owe me 4 LOL
You cheap bastard :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::drowning:lol J/L
$61 is perfect. I’ll definitely be there before you leave. You leave at 2pm if I remember correctly right? Either way if I got your word then you got my word that I’ll be there with everything before you go home.
Thanks, I’m Gunna sleep till 9 when I have to drop my wife off at the bus depot for work. Then I’ll pull the radiator off the car. And head to my house to pick up the condenser. As soon as I have everything in the car I will text u.
Goodnight/good morning. Jesus I need to stop staying up all night reading old threads on here. This is becoming an everyday thing. lol.
Thanks again Matt.
take your time I leave by 9 on the weekends ill see you tomorrow if that's ok or Monday
Radiator and condenser sold.
I also have a radiator upper support
$35 plus shipping


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