v-8 Engine swap


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Jan 7, 2002
Can you transplant a v-8 into a 85 Gn. And what would be the biggest and lightest motor I could get into it. And is it worth it?
What kinda V8 are you looking ar transplanting into your car and why? You can easily get the power out of a v8, into these cars with the stock engine with ease. Not only will it keep the car authentic, but it will stand up to the grand national name. If you're going to put in a 70's or 80's V8 motor like they have in the older buicks, the 305, 350, or 455, its not worth it! There's so many things you have to do to do a bigger motor swap into these cars. You're better off buying a regular regal and doing it to that. Keep the GN turbocharged! If you want more powrer, you could always swap to an 86/7 DT and have it running low 11's or better!